My name is Gabi Branse and I am working with FENG SHUI since 2015. I got my degree as an Imperial FENG SHUI Consultant at the International Feng Shui Academy in Hamburg.

Through a lot of travelling in China and Hongkong I got very interested in the art of Feng Shui. I find it amazing that, thousands of years ago the Chinese scholars could discover, observe and figure out the ways of the world without having access to our modern day technology or science. They found out by only observing and years later quantum physics have proved these ancient scholars right.

What I love about my job as an FENG SHUI consultant is that we never stop learning, everybody, every family, every house, country and culture is different and FENG SHUI works in different and very individual ways.

The most of my time I am very lucky to live on the beautiful island Ibiza. I can mentally and physical feel the good vibrations on this island, nevertheless you can apply many Feng Shui techniques to improve the energy flow in your environment.

I offer FENG SHUI consulting in german, english and spanish.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by email or phone:

Email: gabi@fivelements.de

Phone: 0049 1724136699